Ultra Pure® Vegan Omega SPM+

Ultra Pure® Vegan Omega SPM+

A nutrient-dense vegan omega-3 dietary supplement with SPMs. Provides 975mg of sustainably sourced, non-GMO, plant-based algae oil concentrate plus specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) in easy-to-swallow mini softgels.


5X More Potent: SPMs specific to DHA and DPA offer biological activity up to 5X greater than traditional omega-3 supplements.*

Clean: Derived from sustainably-sourced, non-GMO algal oil concentrate. Astaxanthin provides antioxidant protection for the fragile essential fatty acids.*

40% Smaller: Our mini softgels are 40% smaller than traditional fish oil supplements to enhance experience and ease of use.*

Premium Vegan Formulation

Nutrient-Dense: One serving provides 400mg of omega-3s, including 390mg of DHA and 75mg of DPA.

Triglyceride Form: We use a superior triglyceride form of DHA and DPA for optimal absorption and tolerance.*

Free From: GMOs, heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, gluten, dairy, soy, egg, tree nut, peanut, sugar, artificial flavors and colors, coatings and binders.

Plant-Power: Like fish oil sources of omega-3, algae-derived omegas support healthy immune and inflammatory responses, heart health, brain health, cognitive focus, and lipid (cholesterol) metabolism.*

Clean Science, Clean Ingredients

Our scientifically tested products of the highest quality with only one proof point in mind: Healthy outcomes people can realize and feel, each and every day, beyond expectation. Thoughtful selection of ingredients, and rigorous testing standards.

No Gluten

No Dairy

No Soy

No Coatings or Bindings

No Egg

Product Description

If you don’t eat fish or follow a plant-based or vegan diet, it's been challenging to find a high-quality omega-3 SPM supplement…until now. Ultra Pure® Vegan Omega SPM+ is the first and only vegan omega-3 fatty acid formula with clinically relevant levels of active SPMs (specialized pro-resolving mediators).


Also known as resolvins, our unique SPM levels provide biological activity up to 5X greater than traditional fish oils.* The easy-to-swallow mini softgels are 40% smaller than most fish oil supplements – ideal for those who struggle to swallow large capsules.


This nutrient-dense vegan omega-3 supplement provides 400 mg of omega-3s from sustainably sourced, non-GMO, plant-based algal oil (algae oil). Superior triglyceride forms of vegan DHA and DPA support optimal absorption, tolerance, and health benefits.*


The unique combination of plant-sourced omega-3 fats and SPMs supports your cardiovascular system, brain, immune system, and more. Science suggests that SPMs may be the primary component in fish oil responsible for maintaining healthy pain and inflammation levels in the body.*


Say goodbye to fishy odors, burps, and reflux, and hello to Ultra Pure® Vegan Omega SPM+.*


Natural color variation may occur in this product.


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Suggested Use

Take 3 vegan softgels daily

Or as directed by your healthcare professional.