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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your products manufactured?
Our products are made in the USA at our own manufacturing facility in Connecticut, a cGMP facility exceeding the manufacturing requirements of the FDA and regularly inspected to ensure our manufacturing processes are fully compliant.
Are your supplements hypo-allergenic?
Yes, unless otherwise stated on the label. Please contact customer service with specific questions.
Do your supplements contain gluten?
No, our supplements are gluten free.
Are your bottles BPA free?
Yes. Our bottles are HDPE. In addition to confirmation from our bottle supplier, we have had our bottles tested by a third party lab to verify that they are indeed BPA-free.
Why do you change your formulas?
We keep up with the latest research and revise our product formulas accordingly.
Why do you use capsules instead of tablets?
Capsules are more easily digested, making the nutrients more readily available in the body. Tablets typically consist of only 25-50% active ingredients. The remainder of the tablet is composed of fillers, binders, lubricants, disintegrants, surfactants, and a coating often made of pthlates and shellac. Capsules allow for shorter and cleaner ingredient lists.
Are your products GMO free?
We take two steps to ensure GMO-free status for any susceptible ingredients. First, we require a GMO free statement from the ingredient supplier. Second, we have every batch of every susceptible ingredient tested for GMO markers at a 3rd party lab that specializes in genetic testing. To learn more about our Quality Assurance Program and 3rd party lab testing, please visit our Quality Section.
Are your capsules vegetarian?
We use vegetarian capsules in many products, but some compatibility issues prohibit us from using them for every product.
What is the source of your gelatin capsules?
Our gelatin capsules are sourced from bovine and/or porcine. All of our capsules are pharmaceutical grade.
Do you test your Fish Oil for Mercury and PCBs?
We test every batch of Fish Oil for a full range of contaminants which includes: mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, PCBs, Dioxins and Dioxin-like compounds, rancidity markers, and microbiology.
Are your supplements organic?
Many of our ingredients are not available as certified organic. We test every batch of every herbal material for 310 herbicide, pesticide, and fungicide residues to ensure our products do not contain these harmful compounds.
Why do the capsules in my new bottle look/smell a bit different from my last bottle?
Natural products are subject to normal variation in color and scent which can produce noticeable differences from batch to batch.
Are you an FDA-Inspected Facility?
Yes, we have been inspected by the FDA multiple times.
How long has Vital Nutrients been certified for GMP compliance?
Vital Nutrients was first certified for GMP compliance in 2001.
Do you do skip-lot testing?
No. Vital Nutrients tests every batch of raw material and finished product.
Do you make children’s vitamins?
We have several great products for Children's Health, such as Berry Well Immune Support, Ultra Pure Cod Liver Oil and Arabinogalactan Powder.