Unilateral Minimum Resale Price Policy

RHG & Company, Inc. dba Vital Nutrients (“VN”) provides high quality products and support to licensed healthcare professionals. In order to uphold our commitment to qualified healthcare professionals, VN has adopted a Unilateral Minimum Resale Price Policy (the “Policy”), that applies to all customers (“Resellers”), new and existing, in the United States who purchase direct from VN and/or through distributors.  

VN has determined that selling its Products at a price below the Unilateral Minimum Resale Price (“UMRP”) undermines VN’s reputation, brand, and image within the target population and discourages Resellers from investing in the growth of VN’s product lines and providing the best possible service and support to consumers.

The UMRP will be established solely by VN and communicated to Resellers of Vital Nutrients products through VN’s current retail price sheet.  If VN changes the UMRP on any Product, it will provide notice to all Resellers.

This Policy does not constitute an agreement between any Reseller or other party and VN.  Each Reseller must independently choose whether to comply with the terms of this Policy.  VN neither solicits, nor will it accept, any assurance of compliance with this Policy from any Reseller or other party.  This Policy is not negotiable and will not be altered for any individual Reseller.

It is a violation of this Policy for a reseller to sell any VN Product(s) at a price lower than the UMRP.  Although VN is not directing any Reseller to require that its customers comply with this Policy, a violation of this Policy by any such third party will constitute a violation by the Reseller.

This Policy also applies to any advertised price of any Vital Nutrients product in any and all media, including, but not limited to the internet, catalogs, any direct mail, coupons, emails, inserts.  

This Policy prohibits the inclusion of VN in any sort of discount, volume discount, promotion, sale, special offer, or rewards program that causes the unit price to be advertised and/or sold at less than the UMRP.  Any sale in which a VN product checks out at below the UMRP is a direct violation of the Policy.  Direct or indirect attempts to circumvent this Policy will be considered a violation of this Policy.  

VN reserves the right to terminate its business relationship with any Reseller that VN, in its sole discretion, believes:

  1. Has violated the provisions of this Policy; or

  2. Has engaged in any activity that VN determines, in its sole discretion, is designed or intended to circumvent the intent of this Policy.

No VN employee or agent is authorized to modify, interpret, or grant exceptions to this Policy with any Reseller.  No person has the authorization to modify this Policy or to solicit or obtain agreement of any person to this Policy, and any such modification or agreement is invalid.  Any questions about this Policy should be submitted in writing and directed to VN’s Unilateral Price Policy Liaison at support@vitalnutrients.net.  

The Policy will be enforced by VN in its sole discretion and without notice.  Resellers have no right to enforce the Policy.  

This Policy may be updated, revised, suspended, terminated, reinstituted, or modified at any time by VN in its sole discretion.  VN shall make any such modifications available to all Resellers.

This Policy is effective as of April 19, 2016 and supersedes the prior Vital Nutrients Internet Policy.