Biotin 10mg

Biotin 10mg

Essential B-vitamin for multiple metabolic pathways*

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Supports healthy skin, hair, and nails*

Supports cellular energy production*

Promotes metabolism of carbohydrates and fat to energy*

Free of gluten, dairy, peanut, tree nut, soy and egg

Free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, excipients (fillers, coatings, binders), sugar and non-GMO

Product Description

Biotin 10mg is a water-soluble B vitamin and an important component of enzymes in the body that convert fats and carbohydrates to energy. Supporting healthy skin, hair, and nail proteins is one of the best known biotin benefits.* Some preliminary evidence suggests that taking a biotin supplement may help promote healthy hair and increase nail thickness in those with brittle nails.* Pregnancy, diabetes, smoking and alcohol exposure may increase risk of biotin deficiency. Vital Nutrients Biotin capsules provide 10,000 mcg of biotin.

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Suggested Use

1 capsule once or twice a day

Or as directed by your healthcare professional.