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Natural Support for Cognitive Health | Cognitive Health Supplements


According to this year's census information, the US population has a distinctly older age profile than it did at the turn of the millennium, with Baby Boomers (aged 53-71) now numbering almost 75 million. As a result, more people than ever before are searching for natural ways to optimize brain health and cognitive function, with an eye toward preventing age-related cognitive decline and dementia. Common strategies for cognitive health include maintaining an active social life, and engaging in mentally stimulating activities, such as reading, Sudoku, and crossword puzzles. In addition, many of the same lifestyle and nutritional approaches associated with heart health often appear to support cognitive function as well, from exercise to the Mediterranean diet to fish oil.*

For older adults with memory complaints, one of the most widely recommended nutritional supplements is the phospholipid Phosphatidylserine(PS).

Phospholipids are essential components of neuronal membranes, and changes in lipid composition in the brain have been observed as an effect of aging.* Supplementation with PS has been widely studied for a potential role in preventing cognitive decline.*

PS is a naturally occurring nutrient particularly abundant in the brain. As an essential building block of brain and nerve cells, helping to ensure cell membrane fluidity and structure, as well as playing an important role in biochemical pathways in the brain, including neurotransmitter metabolism, nerve signal transmission and effective glucose utilization.* As one of the most well-researched ingredients for cognitive support, PS is currently the only cognitive bioactive ingredient that has been granted a qualified health claim by the FDA, related to cognitive dysfunction and dementia in the elderly.**

Studies in adults with age associated memory impairment suggest PS promotes normal cognitive and mental functions, such as memory, learning, and mental flexibility.*1 These effects may be prolonged even after discontinuing PS.*2

Other observed benefits of PS include improved attention3, emotional and physiological response to stress4, positive mood5, and exercise tolerance.*6 PS may even improve skin moisture and wrinkles related to sun damage at a dose of 300mg to 450mg day.7

Historically, PS supplements were derived from bovine (cow) brain tissue, but concern about contamination with infectious diseases led to the development of soy-derived PS. Vital Nutrients features Sharp-PS Green®, an innovative soy-free, non-GMO, Phosphatidylserine.

Based on studies conducted to date, Phosphatidylserine is worthy of consideration as a part of a strategy to maintain cognitive health and support attention, memory, mental energy and healthy brain aging, with a strong safety profile and potential beneficial side effects on mood, exercise tolerance and skin health.*


DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.









**Consumption of PhosphatidylSerine may reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction in the elderly. Very limited and preliminary scientific research suggests that PhosphatidylSerine may reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction in the elderly. FDA concludes that there is little scientific evidence supporting this claim.


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